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Soft Skills for Project Teams

Our soft skills courses have been specifically designed for staff working within business change environments including Business Analysts, Project Managers and other project team members. These courses are delivered in conjunction with an experienced Learning & Development training partner and are available for on-site delivery.

An overview for each course is available to download by clicking on the course title.

Facilitating Project Meetings and Workshops 1 day
This course will focus attention on what is needed to make a meeting or workshop effective and productive. It can really help to save time, money and help stress levels if people feel that their time at a meeting or workshop was well spent, that things will change or happen as a result of that meeting. We can not survive without meetings so let's ensure that they are always productive, motivating and make a difference in a positive way. This course can make best use of project time and let people thrive on what happens at a meeting or workshop, not just survive it!
Negotiation Skills 1 day
The ability to influence and negotiate effectively is a core trait of a competent business analyst in the today's world. However, there are individuals that are good at it, bringing others with them on the vision or project and enhancing relationships for mutual long term benefit – and there are those who aren't so good – impacting on the success of the project through either aggressive dealings or an inability to assert themselves. This course looks to equip participants with the skills and knowledge needed in order to be influential, capable of negotiating and securing results.
Time Management 1 day
There are many people with hectic lives who work under pressure and need some assistance to manage their time better. Too many people feel that they are slaves to their workload, martyrs to the constant interruptions they face and having to continually "fire-fight". This course provides a host of hints and tips for control, efficiency and greater personal effectiveness with a view to achieving better results and satisfaction from the working day. It aims to enable people to feel as though they can plan, prioritise and be proactive.
Improving Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement 1 day
This course is for those who wish to develop better relationships with key stakeholders ensuring greater engagement, involvement and reduced conflict in their working relationships.
Coping with Change 1 day
We are able to arrange training to those people affected by change, covering techniques to deal with change and the emotions involved. Please contact us for more information.

We can also provide bespoke training for project teams, or team building exercises, please contact us to discuss your teams' individual training or development needs.

Course Information

Our soft skills courses use a blended learning approach, using practical exercises and supporting reference materials. Customers have the option to receive reference materials prior to the course to allow delegates to prepare , or we can provide them during the training if preferred.

The duration of each soft skills course is one day. Courses can be extended to two or more days if you would like a more in-depth course. Courses run from approximately 9:00am - 5:00pm.

To request an on-site training quote, or any further information about our soft skills courses please contact us.