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BCS Business Analysis Self-Study

Self-Study Modules Available

Delegates who have previously taken the BCS Requirements Engineering certificate with us (Business Analyst Solutions or BA Training Solutions) have the option to take Business Analysis Practice and/or Modelling Business Processes as a self-study option. The self-study material is provided as a hard copy document in the post and you need to complete your exam within 12 months.

If you have not yet completed Requirements Engineering you will need to book that first. You can take the BCS certificate in Requirements Engineering by attending our 5-day Fundamentals of Business Analysis training course.

Module Duration Location Price (Including exam fee)
Business Analysis Practice 20-25 hours self-study and 1 hour 15 minutes exam Exam - London £295 + VAT
Modelling Business Processes 20-25 hours self-study and 1 hour 15 minutes exam Exam - London £295 + VAT

Exam Dates

Candidates enrolled to take a self-study module can sit the exam on the following dates. Candidates must register for an exam session prior to attending. Registrations close 2 days prior to the examination date.

Dates Start Time Duration Location Places Available
Friday 15th February 2019 15:30 1 hour 15 mins London Good Availability

If you are already enrolled in self-study and would like to register for an exam session please e-mail

Eligibility for Self-Study

The BCS modules of Business Analysis Practice and Modelling Business Process are currently available as self-study options.

Self-study is only available to candidates who have firstly attended our classroom based Fundamentals of Business Analysis including BCS Requirements Engineering training course. The reason for this is that the key messages about taking a BCS exam can best be conveyed in a classroom environment where an instructor is on hand to provide advice and guidance on exam technique and to review delegates' answers to sample questions. Good exam technique is essential to pass these exams.

Self-Study Information

Self-study materials are provided in printed hard-copy format only.

Candidates register to take the exam at the end of their study period, the exam takes place in London. There is a 12 month time limit to complete your exam. We recommend candidates try to complete study over a period of 2-3 weeks so that the key messages from the guide are still fresh when the exam is taken.

What Self-Study Involves

Both Business Analysis Practice and Modelling Business Processes require around 20-25 hours of self-study time. Both include a sample exam paper which candidates should take themselves upon completion of the self-study material.

As this is a self-study option we do not offer candidates any technical email or telephone support during their study.

BCS Self-Study - Examination Details

The BCS exam in Business Analysis Practice or Modelling Business Processes is taken at an exam only session. The format for the examination is a one hour written open book examination based on a business scenario with 15 minutes reading time.

Candidates must achieve 50% to be awarded a pass grade. Candidates who are awarded a pass for the examination are awarded the BCS Certificate.

Switching Self-Study to a Classroom Course

If, for any reason, a candidate enrolled in self-study decides instead to attend a classroom based course they can do so. Any money paid for self-study will be off-set against the cost of the relevant classroom based course for the same module within 12 months.

On-site Examinations

Organisations with a group of self-study candidates may wish to hold their exam session on-site. Additional fees apply, please contact us for details.

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